Design it realistically,
Analyze it deterministically.

TruNET provides a unique deterministic radio simulation environment.It allows the realistic design of any wireless network. Design with ease cellular,
wireless broadband, UWB, WSN, WiFi or any other radio network.


Simplified 3D Wireless Network Design

Intuitive 3D design environment and
associate functionality accelerates
and simplifies the design and analysis
of any wireless network.

3D Volumetric calculations in a single simulation run

Unique 3D EM engine allows the estimation of signal parameters at multiple layers in a singe simulation run thus accelerating the simulation process time.


An UWB radio addon module allows the design and analysis of UWB radio networks.

Importing Terrain and complex structures

Ability to easily import and handle
terrain data, urban building overlays and
complex structures.

MIMO Antenna

Further to the standard antenna designer, TruNET Wireless provides the ability to design and deploy complex MIMO antenna structures to allow the analysis of modern MIMO communication systems.

Creation and deployment of ‘Transceiver’ elements

Unique design abilities allow the construction of ‘transceiver’ elements that can be used to simulate ad-hoc / mesh networks or standard infrastructure.

TruNET Wireless Modules

TruNET Wireless modules expand the core functionality of TruNET Wireless, allowing the simulation of even more complex scenarios and systems.