Wide Frequency of Operation

Design modern wireless networks from HF to EHF without any frequency gaps through parabolic equation or ray launching methods.

3D Volumetric calculations in a single simulation run

Unique 3D EM engine allows the estimation of signal parameters at multiple layers in a singe sim- ulation run thus accelerating the simulation process time.

Simplified 3D Wireless Network Design

Intuitive 3D design environment and associate functionality accelerates and simplifies the design and analysis of any wireless network.

Importing Terrain, building data or complex structures

Ability to easily import and handle terrain data,urban building overlays and complex structures.

Building Generation Tools

Built-in building generator and building extraction capabilities (beta) through image processing techniques allows the generation of realistic urban environments to speed up and support the simulation process without requiring external building data.

Creation and deployment of 'Transceiver' elements

Unique design abilities allow the construction of 'transceiver' elements that can be used to simulate ad-hoc / mesh networks or standard infrastructure networks with separate uplinks and downlinks. Each element can have its own unique transmit or receive characteristics.

Antenna Designer

Antenna Designer allows the design and deployment of any typical standard antenna used in wire- less communications. Antenna pattern importation is also supported to allow importation of antenna characteristics of real antennas.

MIMO Antenna Deployment

Further to the standard antenna designer, TruNET Wireless provides the ability to design and deploy complex MIMO antenna structures to allow the analysis of modern MIMO communication systems. TruNET Wireless MIMO spatial data can be exported for further ma- nipulation by 3rd party packages.

Extended Libraries

Extended building material elements, material libraries, antennas or the ability to add custom elements and materials greatly speed up and assist the simulation process.

Ultrawideband studies

An UWB radio addon module allows the design and analysis of UWB radio networks.

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac throughput analysis

The 802.11 throughput addon module allows the TCP/UDP throughput performance analysis of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac networks.Combined with TruNET Wireless MIMO capabilities one can easily analyse the impact of MIMO and multiple spatial streams in 802.11 n/ac networks.

Design Functional Wireless Networks with TruNET Wireless

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