TruNET Wireless modules expand the core functionality of TruNET Wireless,
allowing the simulation of even more complex scenarios and systems.

Ultrawideband Module

TruNET Wireless ultrawideband module, allows the accurate modelling of the impulse response of an UWB signal and the estimation of its received power. The module can be used to estimate the link budget for any UWB communication system.

802.11 (Wi-Fi) Throughput Module

TruNET Wireless 802.11 throughput module allows the throughput estimation for 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac systems. This capability allows the wireless network designer to characterize 802.11 performance and define what sort of services (e.g. video streaming, VOIP. Data transfers etc.) can be reliably supported at a current 802.11 link. It also allows the wireless designer to dimension a certain 802.11 link. Combined with the MIMO module the 802.11 throughput module allows the estimation of throughput for MIMO 802.11 n/ac systems that provide multiple spatial streams.

MIMO Capacity Module

TruNET Wireless MIMO Capacity Module allows the estimation of a wireless system’s upper bound capacity. The module allows the upper bound capacity estimation of any SISO, SIMO or MIMO system by considering the existence of multiple channel streams.

Design Functional Wireless Networks with TruNET Wireless

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